First Book Is Finished!

Hello readers!

I am still so new to blogging and am learning how to do it, but since I am serious about becoming an author and contributing to the creative community every way I can, I made a commitment to be a little more active these days.  The biggest news I have is that, on Tuesday, March 19th, I finished writing my first book!  (Shhhhh don’t tell my boss).  I love word counts because they make me feel like I’m making progress, so here’s a screenshot of the final, unedited damage:

TCM word count unedited

I am really excited about this because this is a years long projected that started in my late teens and didn’t really start gaining momentum until sometime after I was finally finished with graduate school, getting my chemistry degree.  I had 40,000 words at the time and a story that moved way too fast.  So, I put all of those words aside and started this book from scratch a second time, with an entirely slower beginning.  That became 40,000 words much more quickly and I added those to what already existed, with some light editing.  When I reached 100,000 words in December 2015, I knew this was going to finally happen.

In the end, all of my writing is an effort to make this world a little bit better.  I hope all of you learn from what I have to say and, most importantly, talk to me about it.  I’m here for you always.

150,000 Words!

Hello glorious fans,

I think I’ve decided I write a only a teensy bit faster than my good friend George R. R. Martin because I finally crossed the 150,000 word mark this morning!  Here’s a screenshot as proof: 12-18-17 150000 words

I’m only celebrating this because this kind of word count is not easy to come by and I think it expresses my commitment to the work and to my current and future fans.  I do all of this work for you.  Please be there for me when I am finished because you all deserve just as much credit for waiting for this project as I do for trying to accomplish this at the whims of an 8-5 job, plus two hours commuting (at least).



Long Time No See!

Hello Dearest Followers,

It’s almost embarrassing I haven’t written anything for you guys in such a long time, but I’m back and with a vengeance!  My book is progressing slowly, but well.  I reached the 125,000 word landmark over the Christmas break and I’m still less than half done!  The complexity of writing epic fantasies are so frustrating at times.  I hope all of you are there with me at the end because I’m promising today that you won’t be disappointed by the result!

Anyway, I’d hate for my first post in a thousand years to be political, but since people are clearly pissed off about this election with the Trump protests going on across the country, it inspired a lot introspection in me about the American political system.  If you’re open to hear what I have to think about all of this, please follow the link to this image for a two minute read: Election 2016.

Kindest regards,

C. R. Lukische