The Eyes of the Awakened

The stars of the black night stare down below
Sneering at a quietly broken man
Watching him slouch in defeat to the world
His shattered sword lay in pieces on the ground
As he rests with hollow eyes to the sky
Tranced breathing his only sounds, mouth agape 

His furtive eyes scan every single star
To whom does his misery owe its thanks?
The trees, stars, and stones all watch him in pairs
Even they can find partners in lifelessness
He treads alone, then, now, and forever
Ignoring all tales of the lies of love 

An unknown wind blows through his open sill
A rejuvenating scent murders the ache,
Fertilizing his lungs with faith and friendship
New beliefs scatter and connect his mind
An aged puzzle remade for his triumph
The world has robbed him, it’s time for revenge 

Spitting out the mournful pain that drowned him
He jumps up, retributive repercussions in mind
In place of his sword, he retrieves a pen
Paints his reality in truthful words
The emotion, beauty, and pain he shares
Now a landmark for the starlight, not a corpse