First Book Is Finished!

Hello readers!

I am still so new to blogging and am learning how to do it, but since I am serious about becoming an author and contributing to the creative community every way I can, I made a commitment to be a little more active these days.  The biggest news I have is that, on Tuesday, March 19th, I finished writing my first book!  (Shhhhh don’t tell my boss).  I love word counts because they make me feel like I’m making progress, so here’s a screenshot of the final, unedited damage:

TCM word count unedited

I am really excited about this because this is a years long projected that started in my late teens and didn’t really start gaining momentum until sometime after I was finally finished with graduate school, getting my chemistry degree.  I had 40,000 words at the time and a story that moved way too fast.  So, I put all of those words aside and started this book from scratch a second time, with an entirely slower beginning.  That became 40,000 words much more quickly and I added those to what already existed, with some light editing.  When I reached 100,000 words in December 2015, I knew this was going to finally happen.

In the end, all of my writing is an effort to make this world a little bit better.  I hope all of you learn from what I have to say and, most importantly, talk to me about it.  I’m here for you always.